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A mixed group of unemployed people, with dynamic spirit and motivated to work in a team. A coach to chaperone. A method to discover the potential of TEAMWORK to build new strategies with a common goal: reach everyone’s dream job.

The Coseeking method® was born from the experience of the Lanzaderas de Empleo y Aprendimiento Solidario in Spain: a new philosophy in social actions and methods to tackle the phenomenon of unemployment.

As in the Lanzaderas, people are encouraged to work proactively as a team, in order to rediscover their skills, to find a new job and / or to develop their own business project.

coseeking - teamwork
coseeking - social intervention
coseeking - find a new ob


The project intertwines the individual and group levels:

On the individual level, every participant works on its professional goal and on the definition of its own search strategy.

On the group level, the team set the expectations, define clear goals and implement an organizational structure to reach the job market in a different way.

The group identity and dimension allow indivisuals to focus on a new strategic level of research: the final goal is to increase everyone’s employment opportunities, moving from a lonely and frustrating job search to a proactive and motivating activity, where the team work becomes fundamental as support.





After months of confused and messy job search, in 2019 I took part in the Coseeking® project. With the fantastic coaches of the group I had a valuable, motivating experience that gave new impetus and confidence to my search for a new job. This and other Casa Lavoro projects represent a new and winning way of thinking about a job placement service. I hope for the future that they will have the visibility and success they deserve.



A formative and stimulating experience: I had the opportunity to compare myself with other young people and create together a network of cooperation with the aim of knowing the job market and devising a strategy to better promote our profiles to the various companies in the territory.


We have been working with Casa del Lavoro in some collaborations in terms of employability projects. They are such an engaged and professional team with a strong purpose and a really needed project.

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