Let’s play on the stage of work

The third millennium has opened the doors to the definition of work as an “expression of one’s authenticity”. Gradually all the jobs take the turn of voluntary activity (ie not imposed by others), in which the following attitudes prevail: awareness, sense of responsibility, desire for self-realization. The artists are the living example of this model that is extending with slow and inexorable continuity.


JobAct® was born in Germany in 2005 by Projektfabrik due to the intuition of Sandra Schurmann.

Casa del Lavoro by Patchanka s.c.s together with Vivaio per l’intraprendenza APS in Florence, are the main partners of ProjektFabrik in Italy. We actively contribute to the development of JobAct® method in Europe.

With the support of the German Federal Ministry of Laborn, Jobact® program has spread to over 110 cities in Germany and has involved more than 5,000 young people and adults in search of work. Today it’s applied already in Italy, and it has been tested in France, Spain and Portugal.

jobact - since 2005
jobact - 110 cities
jobact - 5000 employees involved


JobAct® is a program that coach people for the world of work combining orientation with theatre training: the artistic approach combined with professional planning allow to stimulate personal and communication skills, leadership, ability to work in team.


The power of theater to enhance your talents


Work orientation to lift up your research skills


An employment agency to effectively propose your profile to enterprises







JobAct® allowed me to grow professionally and to bring out my potential through. It is an experience that I recommend because it serves to challenge you and improve yourself in the round. Thanks Casa del Lavoro and JobAct®!




Patchanka is a long-standing partner of Projektfabrik and we have a close and very reliable cooperation in European cooperation projects.
Job placement issue with artistic approach is something innovative and it needs a resilient organisation to grasp the opportunities that this method can hold. It takes courage and perseverance to implement such projects in Italy. We really appreciate the ability of our colleagues to implement and improve the project in a creative and multi-layered way: they enrich our work in Germany and give us valuable impulses.
It is wonderful how energetically the new initiative movements are accepted from the members of Patchanka and that the artistic approach of Projektfabrik has become such an open place in the organisation. We organized several professionally organised projects, workshops and events with Casa de Lavoro.
This house is a fine open space where everyone can find their place.




Getting involved and getting on the stage of the theater was the real challenge of the JobAct project: it put me in front of my insecurities and my shyness. Getting my voice out, getting to know and making myself known by the other members of the group helped me to overcome these blocks. I have always worked in the kitchen, behind the stove, away from the relationship with customers. After the JobAct I found employment in a bar in contact with the public and I faced it with a new awareness and strength. This is why I recommend everyone to try this path!

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