ArtE_The Art of Employability


2019 – 2022

Cosa offre il progetto

For 15 years now, the JobAct approach, which sets on a combination of theatre work and job coaching, has been established as an effective method of integrating the long-term unemployed into the labour market in Germany. During the last three years the approach was successfully spread and implemented Europe-wide in the EU-project “JobAct Europe – social inclusion by social arts”. With the addition of an entrepreneurial approach, the approach will be further developed in the follow-up project “ARTE – The Art of Employability”. With the creation of an “entrepreneurial mindset” the participants should be enabled to become self-employed or to actively marketing their manpower in a creative way. With the help of new partner organisations from Portugal and Spain, the dissemination of the method is now being pushed forward in the Mediterranean region.

Output di progetto

A conclusione del progetto è stata realizzata una pubblicazione in 5 lingue, che racconta i presupposti, gli studi e gli impatti misurati nel corso del progetto.

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